Online Business Income

There are more opportunities than ever before to generate new income streams and many of them are online. A lot of these are more supplemental income but every little bit helps, right? I will cover a few of them that give you the opportunity to earn money while you are at home. One big benefit of most of these is that you can jump in and out at your convenience and you don’t have to commute!
A few years ago I built a website for a small business in my town, a teriyaki restaurant. The owner and I agreed that I would host the site and make any changes that he wanted. I agreed to do this for $29 per month. I already had a hosting account and I already built the site so this has basically been free money to me. He never bothers me about the site and doesn’t really make any changes except to increase the prices on his online menu about every two years. For a while he was paying me every month, and then every quarter, but now he just writes me a check at the first of the year for $348.
If you have any tech skills or like building websites, this is a great way to generate a little side income. Another version of this, if you are good at SEO or digital marketing, is to help a small business maintain the SEO on their website, do some basic digital marketing on Pinterest or Facebook or write and manage email messaging using Constant Contact or MailChimp. A friend of mine who builds websites full time has several customers like this and they pay him $50 to $100 per month because they don’t know how to do these things or they are too busy to do it. He gets paid to build the site and then he offers to support the site for an additional monthly fee. And really who better to do this since he knows the site inside and out.
In short, find something that you are good at that other people don’t know how to do or don’t want to do. If you are younger and tech savvy, older business owners are likely to be impressed by your crazy good online marketing skills.