How to save the most on prescription drugs

We know that prescription drug spending is the number one, most common medical purchase for Americans. Most everyone has filled a prescription recently, and many people fill three to six prescriptions on a regular basis. So as a first line of attack in healthcare savings, it’s obvious that applying money-saving strategies to a recurring expense like drugs is job one.
In order to find the most useful sites we researched several popular prescription drug search sites and after much consideration, we have concluded that Blink Health and GoodRx are the best. First, let’s take a look at the most obvious reasons. Both have great search engine functionality.
This is hands down the most important quality in an online drug search site. Maybe customer service via a 1 800 number used to be the most useful quality twenty years ago, but now it’s all about the search engine. Is it easy? Check. Is it fast? Check. Is it intuitive? Check. Both Blink Health and GoodRx pass the first test.

Next, do the sites deliver good results? Again, yes to both. When we were researching some other drug search sites, we didn’t feel like the results were that great, but both of these sites are a pleasant surprise. It’s easy to search for what you want and the results are clear and accurate.
Next, do they offer specials, coupons and discounts? Again, yes to both. For example, right now at Blink Health there is a $20 discount on your first purchase. We like that a lot. And GoodRx always has some coupon special going on. Since saving money is our number one goal, we are happy.
Finally, let’s not forget that we have to actually get the prescription! Both sites have that covered, as we would expect. Choose your prescription, pay for it online and then you can skip the line at the pharmacy and quickly get your prescriptions from the pharmacist. That is our definition of great customer service. From beginning to end, these two sites offer a seamless and easy-to-use search experience and great pricing.
Overall, both sites are leading the way in transforming how Americans get their prescriptions filled. So for our readers, we recommend Blink Health and GoodRx.