Earn Extra Income Doing Online Surveys

Doing online surveys is never going to make your rich but if you are interested in earning a few dollars while you drink your coffee in the morning or watch (muted) TV commercials in the evening, then this is the side gig for you. If you do online surveys regularly throughout the month you can probably earn an extra $100 or $200 per month.

Sign up for multiple sites

Every site has different types of surveys and requirements so I recommend signing up for all of these sites so that you can be a little busy when you want to be throughout the month. In no particular order here are ten great sites for online surveys.
MyPoints is a great site where you can earn redeemable points for watching videos, taking surveys and playing games. You can use the MyPoints portal whenever you shop online. (It’s connected to thousands of stores including Walmart, Amazon and Target.) If you spend $10 or more at any of those stores, MyPoints will reward you with 1,750 bonus points which you can redeem for a free $10 Amazon gift card. They also offer various other bonuses for promoted activities.

Sign up for MyPoints here.
Opinion Outpost allows you to redeem points for Amazon Gift cards, iTunes, and cash through PayPal. They also offer a chance to win $10,000 every three months.

Sign up for Opinion Outpost here.
Inbox Dollars is a pretty cool site. You can earn money taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and even watching TV. And if you sign up right now you can earn a $5 sign up bonus to get you started. Best of all Inbox dollars pays in cash.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here.
Valued Opinions is an easy site to use and it’s pretty high paying; often $1.50 or more per survey. You can redeem your survey rewards for a VISA prepaid card, or at Macy’s, Nike, or Amazon.

Sign up for Valued Opinions here.
Swagbucks is an easy way to earn, well Swagbucks. You can redeem your points and rewards for cash, gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and more. You can earn points for shopping online, watching videos and taking surveys.

Sign up for Swagbucks here.
Harris Poll is a Nielson company, the well known TV polling company.  They offer various rewards that you can redeem at Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks.

Sign up for Harris Poll here.
Point Club offers many types of surveys and you can redeem your points for gift cards at PayPal, Walmart and Xbox.

Sign up for Point Club here.
Survey Junkie offers surveys and you can redeem your points for gift cards at Amazon, Target or via PayPal.

Sign up for Survey Junkie here.